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Congratulations! You’re Getting Married and Want to Have Everything Perfect on Your Special Day, Including Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!


Artistic Creations… Tasteful, Professional Wedding Photographers

Your wedding photographs should be tasteful and professional, something you can be proud to look back on for years to come. At Artistic Creations, our Edmonton wedding photographers do just that… We take tasteful, professional wedding photos. Scroll down to view our wedding photography gallery.

Our Experienced Edmonton Wedding Photographers Make Weddings Fun

Hiring an experienced wedding Edmonton photographer will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can forget about all of the details and enjoy your special day.

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Avoid the Mistakes That May Cost You the Special Memories of Your Wedding Day

Don’t expect professional results from an amateur wedding photographer and not all professional wedding photographers have the same expertise or personality. Here are a few things to consider when hiring any Edmonton wedding photographers…

Don’t Hire a Wedding Photographer That Doesn’t Have a GREAT Personality

There are some photographers that take fantastic pictures, but unfortunately have no personality. The photographer that you choose needs to have a great personality as they are going to be a very important participant in your special day, not only capturing your memories, but directing you and your guests. Inappropriate comments and jokes could ruin your day. Make sure that you hire someone that has a great personality that will make everyone feel comfortable, all of the time.

Don’t Hire a Wedding Photographer That Doesn’t Have at Least $50,000 Worth of Equipment Cameras; Lighting; Etc.

The photography equipment, like cameras; lenses; lighting; etc., required to take professional, high quality wedding photos, costs about $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 and does just that, takes high quality photos… provided the photographer has the experience to know how to use them. Lighting alone can make the difference between photos that show your feelings and ones that have distracting reflections all over them where the only feeling that you’re left with is, “Seriously?”

Make Sure That You Pick the Right “Style” of Wedding Photography For You

Do you know which style of photography will tell your wedding story best? Does photojournalism appeal to you? Perhaps a mix of photojournalism, traditional posed portraiture, and natural? How much black and white would you like? When you’re interviewing photographers, make sure that you ask them to show you what they normally do. The more samples that you see, the better you will be able to make up your mind of what you really like. You want to choose a photographer that is capable of shooting all of the different styles. These days, the majority of brides like to have a mix of about 80% photojournalism and 20% posed photographs.


This timeless style produces posed photographs for display in a portrait album. The photographer works from a “shot list,” covering all of the elements that the bride and groom have requested. The photographer becomes the Director and adjusts the background, the subject’s body alignment, and even the attire.


This informal, reality-based approach is the current rage in wedding photography. Rather than directing your photographer becomes “invisible” to your guests in order to get candid or un-posed shots and follows you and your guests around throughout the wedding day, capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the true story of your wedding.


This is a blend of traditional and photojournalistic, where the photographer places subjects together in an interesting, technically controlled environment and encourages them to relax and interact while he or she captures some of their spontaneity.


These formal, posed pictures emphasize one or more people in a setting where the photographer directs the lighting and angles incorporating your cultural preferences: Canadian, European, Asian, etc.

High Fashion

Artistic Creations excels at creating striking, simple photographs that dramatize both the subject’s beauty and her wedding dress! This high fashion experience is both artsy and glamorous.